cassette on acrylic

Some cassette inspired art by

Same person that did that awesome cassette tape font.
btw, I really hated using the word ‘grungy’ in that title . . .

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The impact and importance of cassette tapes in relationships.

Well, I’ll be.

See, we tend to think of cassette tapes from the materialistic point of view (well not really), but along come a book, “Cassette from My Ex” that shows us the emotional side of these little pieces of plastic with magnetic tape in ‘em.

Cassette from My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves shares sixty hilarious, nostalgic and heartbreaking stories stories all about crushes and mixtapes.”

Cassette tape lovers, rather than lovers of cassette tapes.

I’m probably a little more of the latter :)

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Grungy cassette tape font


Ckas Font at DaFont


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Apologetic tape…


Man, I wish my cassettes would apologise for unspooling! Ungrateful bastards!

via Font Soup via Friends of Type

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Cassettes on CDs

Of course there will always be a special relationship between musicians and the humble compact cassette; the mix-tapes for friends, the demo tapes, four-track tape home recording, the first demo on cassette etc etc. Plus there’s always the nostalgia (from the older bands) and retro-cool fascination (from the younger) that these special little things bring out in all of us.

Anyway, that silly little paragraph is an introduction to a special post on cassette tape album art!

Yo La TengoPopular Songs (2009)

Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs

Ryan AdamsDemolition (2002)


Dashboard ConfessionalA Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar (2003)


American Hi FiAmerican Hi Fi (2001)

American Hi Fi

The American Hi Fi album seems to be the earliest – or at least the earliest I’ve found so far – there’s got to be more out there! Hey if you know of any others . . . write a comment and let me know :)

I find it interesting that the covers are all so similar; the image of the compact cassette fairly central to the page and the in various stages of decay . . . that Dashboard Confessional album is completely unplayable, but I reckon I’ve fixed tapes in worse condition than Ryan Adams’ . . .

I don’t know all the music of all the bands, but if they’ve got a cassette tape on the front, well at least I’d give it a listen!


Bow Wow WowYour Cassette Pet (1980)

BowWowWow - Your Cassette Pet

And this isn’t some retro schtuff – tapes were hot stuff back when they released this!

And you know what? Bow Wow Wow deserve their own post . . . more later.

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Love mix tape . . . wedding invites!



Some unusual and thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed wedding invites and thank-you cards and bits and pieces.

The ‘mix-tape’ is a fun graphic device for the invites and a cute metaphor for the wedding itself – beats the pants off your standard script type and cherubs style invites!

by Price of Design found via Beast Pieces

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Cassette tape marker drawing


via bo…om

but . . . ‘Ace of Base’!?

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Business cards on cassette


Sweet idea. I really like the fact that the cassette case is used to carry the cards and the case’s spool ‘bits’ keep the cards nice and neat. Unfortunately, like all good ideas, this is bound to generate many imitations!

There seems to be more and more cassette-influenced design and fashion pieces popping up here and there. See! told ya!

Anyway, this very clever creation is by Kozzy Osbourne (Koji Sueyoshi, but I like ‘Kozzy’ better) over at

I found this via designboom ( damn them :) ) via!

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James Gulliver’s ‘obsolete’ cassette tapes illustration

. . . not the illustration, it’s the cassette tapes that are obsolete.


James Gulliver is a talented fellow; some interesting and inspiring art projects, animations and  . . . illustrations – including this one.

“Throughout this investigation his work maintains a consistent charm, whimsy and poetic graphic sensibility.”

Grouse. I dig it.

via, via ffffound . . .

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Club poster featuring . . . cassette tapes

Analogue Wednesdays at Cogitatur Poster

via scrapbookmonstar
via flickr

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